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LEGO Tips, Tricks, and Techniques - Going Studs Out

If you spend any amount of time on Flickr or MOCpages you'll see some amazing creations with some amazing parts usage.  Studs go every which way and sometimes you'd swear parts were modified.  Maybe my parts vocabulary is lacking.  Anyway, we have a few tricks up our sleeve until LEGO makes this:
Unfortunately there are a couple of tricks that don't quite cut it.  Let's say you want to slap two plates together in such a way that the studs face out top and bottom (or front and back, left and right, port and starboard, I don't care).  The thinnest way to do this is with two 4x4 plates connected with a couple of the little lever parts embedded between the anti-studs:

But Great Ole's ghost, 4x4?  Can't we do something smaller?  Turns out we (wait for it) can!  First, some maths:

Let's take a 2x2 plate.  I like to work in millimeters for LEGO as the numbers are decently proportioned to the scale of my builds (to be read micro).  Oh sure, there's LDU but it's like using Ångströms to measure a house.  A 32x32 baseplate is a mere 640 LDU across.   I'm not particularly fond of the metric system in and of itself but it beats fractional inches for small measurements.

A 2x2 plate is 16mm across.  The side walls underneath are 1.6mm each.  The big roundy bit in the middle is ~6.5mm.  So the total distance of the void is 16mm - 1.6mm - 1.6mm - 6.5mm = 6.3mm.  Divide this by 2 and you get 3.15mm of void between the side walls and the bullseye.  It just so happens that bar elements (meaning anything a minifig hand can grip) are 3.2mm in diameter.  When placing a 3.2mm element into a 3.15mm space, what do you get?  Did you say no bueno?  Wrong.  You actually get a pretty nice friction fit.  But what is small enough to fit in that space.  Think, think, think, Pooh.  Want to peruse the Bricklink catalog a bit?  I'll wait...

OK, wait's over.  To my knowledge, there's only 1 piece that could fit inside a 2x2 underside and stick out enough to connect to another 2x2s underside.  The bucket handle.  Small one, not the big fat Belville one.

In fact this part will work for any 2x plate connection.  You can even make a couple of smaller unique connections to the bottom of a larger plate.  Already knew this?  Bully for you!  Didn't?  You're welcome.  Oh, and in case you don't have any of these lying around, you're not completely screwed.  You can do a minimum 2x3 plate connection with a couple of these:

Got any other sweet tricks for this kind of tiny stud reversal?  Sound off in the comments.

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