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Set Review - Turtle's Little Oasis 41019

When LEGO introduced their Friends animal polybags, I wasted no time in slapping down my hard earned Bricklink dollars for all three.  This is the third and final Friends polybag review.  For now.  Because you know that as soon as Series 2 comes out I'll be all over it like TFOLs at a Bionicle revival convention.  No offense meant to TFOLs or Bionicle, of course.

There are few notable new parts in here save for the turtle her/him/itself.  It's a cute little mold with gorgeous blue eyes that just say, "love me, hold me, pet me."  The idea of giving a sea reptile a ribbon seems to be in direct opposition to any recommendation from the World Wildlife Foundation.  To a turtle that thing must look like a jellyfish hors d'oeuvre.  Put those two things in the same coral reef together and I guarantee the ribbon will end up down the turtle's throat.  Or around it.  Or both.  At least the medium azure 4x6 plate is non-controversial.

The Polynesian style hut is very cute and solid and makes me wish for a mai-tai.  The girls and I built it per instructions without any issue (or mai-tai).  There were several rounds of turtle climbs (?) up the ladder, the door gets closed, door gets opened, turtle climbs out.  This was accompanied by already high pitched voices going even higher to replicate a turtle's voice.  Hilarious.

LEGO's generosity with the extra parts was a good selection.  They give you a bonus telescope and cone as well as two trans dark pink 1x1 plates.  We used these bits to make a little tiki torch that attached to the clip on the swordleaf.  There is also an extra tan grill tile that I put on top of the leaf to replicate some sort of bamboo-ness.

In every one of these sets LEGO has included two extra ribbons for a total of three.  In this set all three ribbons are supposed to be lavender but we had some color variation to the point that I thought one was light pink.  Rare ebay sale perhaps?

As with the other two sets, definitely buy at least one of these for your household.  With a half dozen of these you could make a mega oasis mansion for your spoiled pet turtle.  Except then you'd have 5 more turtles and a host of dangerous ribbons that you would have to contend with.  Better make sure you don't make waves with the WWF.

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