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Bricklink Seller Review - Brick Brother

Any idea why we Americans call folks from the Netherlands Dutch?  The linguist in me can see that the words Dutch and Deutsch are related (though either one of them might deny it).  The languages certainly are similar.  But wait, the Dutch call their language Nederlands.  So we're back full circle, I suppose.  What really gets me is how these ingenious folks have drained the sea in order to expand their territory.  Or rather, not lose more of it.  Take that German engineering!

I have been very amenable to ordering from Dutch sellers in the past mostly due to their good used parts selection (meaning nice hoards of older stuff) and the exceptionally low prices of the Dutch postal service.  This was a very important order as it contained a load of trans dark pink needed to finish a MOC for an upcoming convention.  I gave the order plenty of time to arrive, over 5 weeks.

Seller: Brick Brother
Feedback (at time of writing):656
Feedback Ratio: 99.85%
Location: Netherlands, Noord-Holland
Prices: On par with or lower than 6 month average

My Order
Order Size: 17 lots, 131 pieces
Condition: 98% Used
Shipping Charge: Actual cost
Extra Fees: 5% Paypal
Final Cost per Part: $0.15

Order Date: Jan 29
Invoice Date: Jan 30
Payment Date: Jan 30
Shipping Date: Jan 31
Delivery Date: Feb 13

Order Details
Why this store: Had enough quantity of several specific parts.  Low-priced Modulex for bonus points!
Packaging: Bubble mailer, all parts stacked and put loose into one ziploc.
Part condition: Fair to good
Communication: Either brief or none but followed up with action.
Feedback left: None.  It's not that I was afraid of retaliatory feedback.  When I mentioned the issues with the order the seller says that he had many other buyers that were perfectly happy with stacked parts in one baggie.  I decided that I just wanted to leave the whole thing in the past.
Odd telltale signs: none
Issues: One part a little chewed, others with slight nicks or discoloration.  They were used, after all.  Parts were stacked.  Modulex listed as new were definitely used.  Some of this was able to be overlooked.  Not all.
Issue Communication: I mentioned the stacked parts, used looking new parts, and everything thrown into one baggie.
Issue Resolution: Sort of.  Sent a partial refund for the Modulex but it wasn't really a refund.  It was a payment meaning I got dinged $0.31 for a $0.37 refund.  Whoopee, $0.06. :-/  When I let them know the difference between a payment and a refund, they made good on the rest with an actual refund.

Prices and shipping are very reasonable.  Compared to other sellers though, the quality of the used parts was lacking a little.  I wasn't particularly thrilled with all the parts being stacked (did I mention that yet?).  Especially the 1x4 plates in a straight stack.  EsPECially the Modulex for which I have no proper parts separator tool.  My fingers are only made out of flesh after all.

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