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Bricklink Seller Review - The Stud Service

The Stud Service is not what you think it is.  I came to this store through the price guide.  When I saw the name I immediately thought of Chippendale's.  Thankfully there were no such images or allusions.  What I was surprised by was how light the store terms were and the lack of extra fees especially for a California store.  Seems I've found most of the Cali stores to be higher on fees.  I sent a quick email to the seller asking about extra fees.  They said they might charge extra for a mailer or baggies and gave me an amount.  Under a buck?  No problem!

Seller: The Stud Service
Feedback (at time of writing): 247
Feedback Ratio: 99.6% positive (one really old neutral)
Location: USA, California
Prices: Lower than 6 month average

My Order
Order Size: 18 lots, 337 pieces
Condition: 89% Used though seller claims most pieces are new and lists them as used to avoid any outrageous buyer expectations about pristine parts.
Shipping Charge: Post Office counter cost
Extra Fees: Quoted as 60c if a mailer needed to be bought.  I suggested buying in quantity where I get mailers for 12c each.  I was charged nothing.
Other: Minimum buy $15.00
Final Cost per Part: $0.10 (includes some doozies too!)

Order Date: Mar 28 (final batch submitted)
Invoice Date: Mar 29
Payment Date: Mar 29
Shipping Date: Mar 22
Delivery Date: Mar 25

Order Details
Why this store: Was looking for a store that could give me a good quantity of specific tiles for a low price.  This one had good quantity, reasonable wanted list filler and good prices.
Packaging: I should state first that I gave permission to mix some of the smaller parts together in a baggie.  This was interpreted a little differently than I intended.  ALL the parts were together in one baggie including the 100 1x1 trans clear plates.  Smaller quantities of larger plates were stacked.  Straight stacked, mind you.
Part condition: Good.  Some dust.
Communication: Easy
Feedback left: Positive.
Odd telltale signs: None
Issues: The 6x16 plates were straight stacked.  What, you think I have fingernails or something?
Issue Communication?: Mentioned this practice as being a PITA.  At least stagger the stack.
Issue Resolution?: None requested but no reply either.

This store is high on parts but low in lots.  There are 88,000 items in 671 lots which equals about 130 of any given item on average.  There are 24 lots with over 1000 pieces in them and just as many between 500 and 1000.  There are also a few hundred lots with less than 10 items each.  Some lots ask for bulk purchases, some do not.  I did not find near everything I need but I found plenty of what was there, enough to make it one of my biggest orders in the past 6 months.  Fees are very light and shipping is not extortionate.  I'm putting this one on my personal favorites list.  I'll just make sure to request lots baggied separately and NO stacking.

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