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LEGO Tips and Techniques - Micropolis Finish Edges

I recently became interested in Micropolis scale after seeing some of it in person at Bricks Cascade 2013.  As a primarily micro builder anyway it was not that hard to grasp.  I just had to learn to build my buildings three times bigger.  I've been using my junky old LEGO pieces to build the baseplates but didn't like seeing the dirty yellowed technicolor edges of a Micropolis.  The other thing that bothered me a little was having edge roads only 2 studs wide.  That's one way, right?  Or at least a 25 mph two way.  It occurred to me that a finishing edge would be a nice touch.

For starters it should hold the rest of the road and another sidewalk, so at least 3-wide.  Second, it needs to have the technic hole in the middle for connection to the system.  For that matter it should also consider connecting to another finish edge on the side.  It would be easy enough to make this square but for a really nice look, why not a taper or cantilever look?  For best look, black is recommended though dark or light bley would look professional as well.  Dark bley is used in this tutorial to see the steps easier.

Parts you will need:

2   1x8 plate
8   2x3 plate
2   2x2 inverted slope 45
4   3x2 inverted slope 33
2   1x1 technic brick with hole
1   1x2 technic brick with hole
tiles as needed for street and sidewalk (staggering recommended for strength).

For increased strength two 4x8 plates could be used instead of the row of 2x3 plates.  However you will have 1 extra stud to cover.  Perhaps a decorative fence to keep your microfigs from falling off the edge of Micropolis?  Your improvements are welcome in the comments.

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