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LEGO Finds, Calendar week 20

An occasional post regarding LEGO found in unlikely places.  My family participates in an organization known as Birch Community Services.  This service allows us to volunteer for four hours a month and then shop weekly.  BCS gets food from stores and manufacturers that is either just past date, has incorrect labeling, or is just donated.  Shopping is free (paid for by volunteering) but there are monthly dues as well.  The money we save by lowering our food bill goes toward paying off our debt.

Food is not the only thing to shop for.  There is clothing and household goods as well.  It's like a grocery store and Goodwill in one.  Often used LEGO will show up.  I've gotten some neat finds like a gallon Ziploc bag of 1x1 Primo bricks, a Freestyle Brick picker-upper and an original Jabba the Hutt body in near perfect condition.  I've also come across a bucket of Duplo Thomas the Train parts.  Once while on recycle duty I found an entire milk crate of Duplo train track ready to be shredded for plastic recycling.  Yes, I took that crate home.

As mentioned, we go every week.  Sometimes the finds are light, sometimes great.  I'll post pictures of my finds for general amusement.  This week:

One yellow 1x6x5 panel;

One red Duplo steam engine cab, with yellow roof;

One mustachioed Duplo figure.

Nothing stellar but Duplo figures and train parts are always nice to add to the collection.  I might throw the panel into the kids' collection.  Stay tuned for next week!

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