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LEGO Micropolis Finish Edges - Outside Corners

A couple of weeks ago I introduced a concept for a finish edge for the Micropolis modules.  Today I would like to introduce my solution for an outside corner.  The outside corner is fairly easy.  A standard finish module snaps on to one side.  The other side can take a similar finish module but we need to fill in the 3x3 gap.  So outside corners are solved with a standard module and a secondary outside module that has an extra 3 studs of length.  The extra street module needs to snap into the Micropolis module as well as the straight street module.  There are a few extra pieces involved but otherwise it is the same as the straight street.

Parts you will need:

1   1x1 plate
1   1x3 plate
2   1x8 plate
9   2x3 plate
2   2x2 inverted slope 45
4   3x2 inverted slope 33
1   1x1 technic brick with hole
1   1x2 technic brick with hole
1   1x2 technic brick with 2 holes
tiles as needed for street and sidewalk (staggering recommended for strength).

Connect with pins to the quarter block module and straight edge module.

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