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LEGO Tips and Techniques - Slopes Part 2

A few weeks ago I made my slopes chart available which gives various angles of slopes depending on how you use them.  Very closely related to the slopes are the wedges.  Sideways slopes, if you will.  Though I'm sure many of you have figured out how to use these two together I thought it would be beneficial to have a chart of wedge angles as well.  There are fewer wedge instances than slopes so this chart is a bit smaller.  At the bottom are three compound angle wedge plates.  In the notes section are listed the slopes that this angle is closest to.

There are several compound angle brick wedges which I chose not to include.  These are listed on Bricklink with their inherent angles and in many cases they are just complicated slopes that got listed otherwise.

As with the slopes, if you would like a particular part included here, let me know in the comments.

See the wedge slopes chart here.

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