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Bricklink Seller Review - Dearly De-Parted

My friends.  We are gathered here today to honor our Dearly Departed.  They were such a wonderful loving person and- wait, what?  Oh, not a eulogy?  It's LEGO?  And, oh I see, it's a pun.  Why how clever.  But why is there a cat in the picture?  I guess some things just don't make sense.

Seller: Dearly De-Parted
Feedback (at time of writing): 2731
Feedback Ratio: 99.8% positive
Location: United States, Rhode Island (they're not really an island)
Prices: A little above 6 month average

My Order
Order Size: 29 lots, 109 pieces
Condition: 96% Used
Shipping Charge: Actual Paypal cost
Extra Fees: $1 for orders under $50
Other: Minimum order $7.00
Final Cost per Part: $0.12

Order Date: May 27
Invoice Date: May 28
Payment Date: May 28
Shipping Date: May 29
Delivery Date: May 31

Order Details
Why this store: While furthering my Wanted List along I started shopping at one store that had a bunch of good stuff.  They were continuing to add more parts.  Not everything I needed was available so I started filling up the gaps in this store.
Packaging: Bubble mailer, lots combined in baggies as appropriate.  Playwear and new pieces were in their own baggies.
Part condition: Good
Communication: Easy
Feedback left: Positive
Odd telltale signs: None
Issues: None, everything was absolutely perfect.

This is the first store since writing these reviews that includes a direct link to pay via Paypal.  I know some people are paranoid of these.  But you can put away your tinfoil hat and pay otherwise if you prefer.  Or just check the order details before you hit the 'Pay' button.  I found the prices to be a touch high but the simple fee structure, at-cost shipping, and great service will bring me back.

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