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Set Review - 30152 Mining Quad

In a continuation of last week's review we'll look at the other polybag in the Mining series, the Mining Quad.  With the pre-existing inclusion of 4200 Mining 4x4 the designers must have been stretching to fill another polybag.  Maybe something tracked would have broken the monotony.

But I like little wheeled things so I was immediately drawn to this.  You get the vehicle, a miner with hardhat, and the obligatory dynamite.  My only eyebrow raise is that the wheels used on this are the same size as the ones used on the fire engine.  Next to each other they look silly.  Actually the fire engine looks silly in my opinion but that's not why we're here.

The miner is one of the four characters that are available from 4204 The Mine.  All other miners in the other sets are a replica of these four.  But at least there's some variety of clothes and heads to play mix and match and make more miners.  Four different pants x 4 different shirts x 4 different heads = 64 different possible hard working minifigs.  But every group of 16 will have the same face.  Might be a little creepy if you got that far.

Oh yeah, the Quad.  Yes, it is.  It's certainly more play hardy than the dozer.  It also has a few accessories as well so the kids no longer have to fight over who gets to play with the jackhammer.  And more dynamite is always good.

It was and still remains a Target $3.99 exclusive.  With 42 pieces (counting the extras and the minifig as pieces) it hits our happy little 10c per part price.  And it vrooms well without falling apart.  Strip away the tools and it's a decent all-purpose quad.  And of course being LEGO you could change it up in several different ways for a fleet of unique vehicles.  Get a few, why not?

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  1. Just bought this off eBay, going to play with the wheels by replacing them with smaller ones from an older construction set.

  2. Seems like a good idea. Post a link to a pic when you have the chance.