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Brick Owl Seller Review - Builder's Passion

There's a new game in town and the paradigm has shifted.  Long have complaints about broken parts of Bricklink gone unheeded.  As a whole the site still works fine but there have been some hurt feelings and disenchantment along the way.  So when Brick Owl showed up on the scene HUNDREDS of AFOL sellers gave it a try.  The layout is fresh and new, improvements are being made almost immediately, and several sellers are offering sales in order to give the new interface a try.  And try I did.

Seller: Builder's Passion
Feedback (at time of writing): 500 credit from other marketplaces
Feedback Ratio: 99.6% positive (1 neutral on Bricklink from someone who didn't read store terms)
Location: United States, Iowa
Prices: On par with 6 month average

My Order
Order Size: 16 lots, 136 pieces
Condition: 100% Used
Shipping Charge: Brick Owl has seller determined bands for instant checkout.
Extra Fees: None (According to Bricklink, $0.50 per order.  Could be worked into the shipping bands)
Other: None
Final Cost per Part: $0.09

Order Date: Jul 3
Invoice Date: Jul 3 (Brick Owl uses instant checkout)
Payment Date: Jul 3
Shipping Date: Jul 5 (I am certain it would have been the 3rd had I ordered earlier in the day and the 4th wasn't a holiday)
Delivery Date: Jul 8

Order Details
Why this store: I've been dinking around on Brick Owl to see if it can be a worthy competitor.  Rebrude posted a sale in the forum (likely to encourage a sale and go through the process).  There was enough stuff to make an order worthwhile.
Packaging: Every last lot (even the single items) in its own baggie, all in a bubble mailer.  At least I've got some extra baggies for a while. :)
Part condition: These were used?  Oh yeah, I guess they were.  Thought they were new.
Communication: Easy
Feedback left: Positive
Odd telltale signs: None
Issues: None

Give Brick Owl a try.  The interface is different and like Bricklink takes some getting used to but is as good as it is unique.  Very much a marketplace feel.  Oh wait, yeah, go shop at Builder's Passion too.  The proprietor is friendly, the parts are good and the selection is ample.  Service is excellent and this seller can both count and tell her greys apart.  I'll be happy to return here in the near future.

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