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LEGO Finds - Calendar Week 30

Holy Mother of LEGO.  I'm way out of my league on this one.  First an amazing and hefty score of system bricks.  As a Tiny Turbos fan it's kind of fun to get the McDonald's racers bits.  Part of a Mandalorian, an old castle minifig breastplate and other goodies.  It looks like more of that Atlantis Portal from five weeks ago has been trickling in as well.

 What really is beyond me is the amount of Bionicle / Hero Factory / Large Figure parts that I only know are LEGO because of my fellow LUG member who is part of BZPower.  I can see the Technic bits in most of this stuff but the rest of it might as well be Fisher Price.  Big, bulky, and brightly colored.  I grabbed it anyway being a sucker for anything, ANYTHING, Lego.  There's almost a complete Hulk, not quite as complete Captain America and even less of Batman and Joker respectively.

Then there's this whole pile of Matoran or Keenawat or Pleebador that I have no idea what is.  I guess I'll just start catalog searching by part number and see if I have enough parts to get close to making anything with.

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