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LEGO Techniques - Using Quatro

Quatro makes DUPLO look like LEGO.  Wait, what?  See, DUPLO is a double sized LEGO brick.  You can see that in the name itself.  Quatro is an even larger scale of LEGO brick that is twice as big as DUPLO.  The line was produced between 2004 and 2006 with only 10 sets.  I'm assuming LEGO stopped at the Quatro brick because Octro is a terrible marketing name.  Though there is Octan...

Quatro comes in 5 basic shapes; 1x2, 1x4, 2x2, 2x2 curved slope and 2x4.  There is also a 2x4 vehicle base and a massive truck.  And a minifigure (Quatrofigure?).

Much as DUPLO to LEGO, Quatro studs are hollow to allow the bottom tubes of DUPLO to set inside them.

Integrating Quatro directly with LEGO is a little difficult.  It would be easier to step down with DUPLO first.  However there are a very limited number of pieces that could help.  First, a minifig head fits nicely into the bottom tube of the Quatro.  This is a very dangerous way to lose a perfectly good head unless you are willing to drill a hole in the top of your Quatro block.  If you want to integrate this way, it would be better to shove some 1x1 round brick on the hole to keep the head from going to far.

 The inside of the open stud is about 15mm, just shy of a round 2x2 brick.  Further (just like all hollow studs) there are four little bits of extra material in there to create clutch.  What I did find to fit was a small tire which could have a wheel inside which then attaches to the appropriate modified plate.

When I first built my Dag Bricks, I was calling them Tetra Bricks to not be confused with the official Quatro Blocks.  Given that the scale is the same it should be no surprise that Quatro stack on top of Dag Bricks.  Unfortunately the converse is not true.  Which is a shame.  Thankfully Dag Bricks are still compatible with System.  :-D

Using Quatro might not be your best choice unless you already own some or know of someone who is tossing them.  The pieces are pretty cheap on Bricklink but they will almost certainly be more expensive to ship any quantity due to their volume.  However your tireless hours of creating filler inside your superstructure may be reduced to mere minutes.  And the overall weight will be much lighter as well.

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