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Set Review - Fire Car 30221

Thank you Target for coming through again with some new stuff.  As a Star Wars and small vehicles fan this Fire Car was a welcome addition to kick off of my Fall reviews.  For $3.99 we get a nice little vehicle and a minifig.  Good deal!  Or is it?

This set comes with 32 pieces and a minifig.  The first thing that stood out to me was the wheels.  Those wheels look more like they belong on a low-rider.  Unless the LEGO City's Finest is using their tax payers' money to trick out their rides.  The wheels are the same as on the mini Creator set "Spiderman's Racer".

As with other polybag vehicles, this is a very stripped down build.  Compare, for instance, set 7595 with set 30071.  Or check out the strength of 3183 with the economy of 30103.  Similarly this Fire Car could be compared to the one in the Perfectly Safe Kitty, Hysterical Owner set (though the tree in that one is worthy of Charlie Brown).  The semi-modular design uses the classic 4x7 car base.  This is actually a pretty cool piece, my first exposure being on the Smart Car.  I wish I'd bought a few more of those.  But I was impressed that the instructions included upwards of four pieces per step.  This is more than most of the steps in Ravenous Dwarves.

Despite the Spartan nature of the car it provides a simple form of play.  Personally, I love overzealous firemen driving around in small cars with no fire to put out.  There's the one drawback of this set; not a flame in sight.  Not even a glowing cigarette butt.  So this poor guy rides around in his convertible looking for cats to save with his ABC fire extinguisher.  Much like the Fire Motorcycle he can't even take an injured person to the hospital.  Maybe he's got some basic first aid somewhere.  Still, how cool would it be to have someone in your town who just rode around all day with a fire extinguisher?  Add an officer on every block and I'd feel as snug as a bug in a rug.

As far as being a deal let's compare it to the magical dime a piece sweet spot.  On the one hand (counting the minifig as 4 pieces plus including the four extra pieces) it comes in at 10c per piece, right on.  But considering that the current average price of the fireman himself is $3.50 (ignore Bricklink's April price guide spoiler) I think it's safe to say that this is a very good deal.  From a business perspective.

And vrooming little cars around is good for your heart.  I saw it on the internet.

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