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Bricklink Seller Review - Pooh's Corner

And so finally, my Bricklink experience has come just about full circle.  My second ever transaction on Bricklink was from Pooh's Corner.  Way back in 2008 when order numbers had barely crested 1 million and Bricklink looked modern I was still feeling my way around the site.  I was barely making any money but about every 4-6 months I scraped together $10 or so to start building my Magnum Opus, Downtown Portland Oregon in 1:1000 scale.  I had a few buildings back then but am today up to at least a couple dozen.  Since then my other projects have expanded exponentially as has my buying habits.  Becoming a seller has helped that experience in many ways.  Now that I'm a seasoned veteran, what might my future hold?

Seller: Pooh's Corner
Feedback (at time of writing): 12356
Feedback Ratio: 99.97% positive (4 neutrals ever)
Location: USA, Idaho
Prices: Base prices a bit higher than 6 month average.

My Order
Order Size: 38 lots, 156 pieces.  Sorry dude, this wasn't a bulking up shopping trip.
Condition: 86% Used
Shipping Charge: Starts at $3.00 for 1-3 oz. ($1.30 surcharge over electronic postage)
Extra Fees: Optional tracking for $0.90. Must not be using electronic postage.
Other: No minimum buy
Final Cost per Part: $0.11

Order Date: Sep 21
Invoice Date: Sep 21
Payment Date: Sep 21
Shipping Date: Sep 23
Delivery Date: Sep 25

Order Details
Why this store: Several key items on the Wanted List.  Had enough parts to keep going and get the per part price down enough.
Packaging: Items VERY well packed with a food sealer.  Lots of nice tight neat rows.  But a little difficult to open and not reusable.
Part condition: Like new
Communication: Quick and professional
Feedback left: Positive
Odd telltale signs: None
Issues: Packed one low value lot twice.  Thanked me for letting him know.

After receiving the package I decided to give it a quick audit.  It weighed 7 oz and had a tracking number affixed.  I was charged $3.85 for a $2.75 label.  Since I hadn't asked for tracking, I'm assuming that the seller might pay for tracking on all packages but only share it with you for $0.90.  If the seller had used online postage, I could have gotten 7oz plus free tracking for $2.39.  In total it was a fine transaction and inflated postage only seems like a big deal while you're shopping.  After the fact it doesn't seem too bad for some reason.  I'm likely to look around elsewhere but if I find myself in Pooh's Corner again, I won't avoid hitting the Purchase button.

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