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LEGO Techniques - Brick-A-Brackets

Playing around a little with Brackets led me to realize some of the shapes that can be created when the brackets are connected to each other in certain ways.  Sure, there are at least a bazillion different ways to connect brackets and get offsets but it quickly leaps off into Loopysville.  There are some simpler connections and cores that can be made with just a brick as a spacer.

(I seem to have misplaced my camera.  In the meantime enjoy these renderings from my proprietary SketchUp library.)

First off, both 1x2-2x2 brackets (up and down) can be used to create a SNOT block with a simple 1x2 brick in the middle.  You can get fancier of course by using a couple of 1 stud Travis bricks, headlight bricks, or a 1x4 or longer.

Since a brick equals three plates, there's plenty of room for some plate spinning as well. Stick a headlight plate in there and you can start getting some complicated wizardry.

Should you need some stability in your build and a 1x2-2x2 down bracket won't cut it, consider this possibility:

Wouldn't it be nice to cut that idea in half?  Unfortunately that means some half-plate shenanigans.  Not much I can think of except for an older style thin-ring headlight plate.

But on the backside it gives you a good opportunity for some 180° SNOT.

Nothing earth shattering here I'm sure, just some playing around with bricks and brackets.

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