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Set Review - Lawn Mower 30224

I'm not much of a City guy.  But I do like a few of the particular wheels.  When the Small Car came out a few years ago I had to get one.  I wish I'd gotten more.  Many of my favorite cars have, in fact, been small.  Big things are cool if you like lots of size.  I've got nothing to make up for so I'm cool with small.  My favorite genre is micro anyway so I'm happy.

As soon as I saw the Lawn Mower I was pretty thrilled about it.  Farming was another of my favorite City themes and a riding mower fits well into that idea.  This was a perfect mashup for me.  Small and farming.  Perfect.  Now I realize that anyone who lives on a proper farm will have a mower attachment for their Kubota or International or Massey Ferguson or what have you.  But as a city boy, I can at least stretch my dreams enough to keep me satiated, k?

Then one of my fellow luggers brought this little set to a meeting.  It's.  Got.  Action!  It doesn't just roll along, but the mower blades actually spin too.  And they'll take uneven terrain.  They sit at a slight angle to and rest on the ground.  The pins let the blades spin freely and the low amount of surface area on the ground translates to low drag.  Even on hard surfaces it works brilliantly.  As soon as our meeting was over I went straight away to pick one up.   I was so visibly excited about the set that the same member then later offered one to me in trade for some of my parts.  Of course I had to tell him that he was a month too late.

I found mine at Price Hikes R Us where I believe it is an exclusive.  Despite their usual markups, this set was only $3.99.  Not bad for a 42 + 3 piece set.  For a City set it also seems to have a large proportion of Technic pieces.  Almost 25% is in pins and connectors and gears.  If you're looking to stock up on 20 tooth gears and lime curved slopes then be my guest.

Even though the mowing action was hot stuff I was a little disappointed at the durability of the set.  That whole grass eating bit is held in place by a single 1x2 technic brick setting on a plate.  No top connections.  Furthermore there are several extra pieces sitting on top of the technic brick, thereby disrupting the already tenuous balance of the assembly.  Being refined as I am I could manage it alright but my 2 year old was continually breaking it.  I think he expected it to be Tonka tough or something.  Sorry little dude, not this set.  Even my 6 and 7 year old daughters were not always able to keep it in one piece.  Of course beefing up that front end may have required a few more pieces and then the novelty of spinning blades would be gone.

If you expect your kids to be able to rough this set around with their Star Wars rigs, they will be sorely disappointed.  If your kids are adept or this will be for your office desk then you DEFINITELY need to get at least one.  I'm tempted to buy a few more and swap out orange, red, and blue for the lime parts.  It's a mower parade!

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