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Set Review - Ewar's Acro Fighter 30250

Merry Chimas!  No, wait, that's not right.  Hmm.  Well anyway how about a little furry action?  Er no, not that.  Not going well is it?  How about a set review?

I don't much fancy the Chima line.  Not that I'm high on Ninjago either.  But a polybag's a polybag and TLG was clearing these out at 98c each.  Unfortunately mine came from Target for $3.99 or so.  Christmas was a bit sparse this year but I allowed the missus to stick this one in my stocking.  Even though I bought it and I knew it was in there it was still a thrill to pull it out and build it.  Maybe that's what I needed to enjoy this set.

The build is what I would expect from a polybag; simple, unimpressive, underbuilt.  The minifig practically dwarfs it.  But the Acro Fighter has a very aquilian form for it's mere 22 pieces.  I especially like the bit of yellow at the tip of the nose of the craft.  Beaky.  But I wonder if the designers would have considered a 1x1 plate with tooth instead.

I'm simultaneously impressed and underwhelmed by all of the Chima minifigs.  The execution is great but it just doesn't interest me.  Kind of like a gourmet vegetarian meal.  What I zoned in on though was the neck piece bracket/armor, thingy.  If you can hide the shoulder pads it is a very useful piece of SNOT.  There's 8.0mm in the middle plus 2x 0.8mm flanges on either side.  This totals 9.6mm between studs which is the same as a brick height.  Seems like nothing goes unnoticed with the LEGO parts design team.

The wings are a nice little piece as well.  They have appeared in black and white thus far and I would love to see them appear in grey as well.  I'm picturing a minifig sized angel statue.

If you're into Chima this would be a nice addition to your aerie.  Other than some otherwise unknown polybag this seems to be the only way to get Ewar.  To me though that's like finding the only farm store that sells parsnips.

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