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Set Review - Star Wars Advent Calendar 75023 part I

Not the whole thing mind you, but the micro ships.


There are micro ships.

Just showing off a little, deedle deedle dee.

If you didn't know that already, let me introduce you to the rest of the world.  But for now back to the show.  The Star Wars Advent Calendar holds one attraction for me; the micro ships.  It's usually worthwhile for me to purchase the calendar and sell off the figs.  Then I can get about a dozen little space rigs for somewhere in the neighborhood of free.

For 2013, TLG proudly presents us with 12 ships.  But I'm not going to review 12 ships, I'm going to review 11.  This is because TLG had the audacity to believe that we wouldn't remember the Republic Gunship from 2011.  Not only that but they didn't even upgrade the build.  They used the exact. same. one.  What a waste of my money and time.  But I'm not bitter.  Thankfully 92% of the offerings are original.

My first draft of this review ended up being very long.  Rather than present you with a wall of text I decided to break it up into two walls of text.  We'll look at five ships this week and five next week.

So more or less in day order, here's what we are presented with:

Day 2 - Count Dooku's Solar Sailer
Compared to the Wookieepedia picture, I am unclear on the purpose of the dark tan dishes.  Perhaps they should have been reddish brown if the attempt was for a slightly bulbous look.  It's also clear that TLG marketing doesn't know anything about solar sailers as theirs appears to have fallen on its side.  Nonetheless, this is a cute solid little model even if the color usage is a touch wide.

Day 4 - Zam Wesell's Speeder
This full size set was one of my favorites and I am pleased to still own it.  I like the color splashes for a Star Wars set and both speeders are fun to swoosh around.  This miniature version looks a little wonky and disproportionate but at least it's recognizable.  Bars stuck in binoculars is always a nice technique and besides, who's going to grumble about green bars?

Day 5 - Twin Pod Cloud Car
*sigh*  I wish LEGO could decide what color this craft is supposed to be.  In their first release it was red which I did not agree with.  In the Planet Series set it was orange which was much better, even though the cockpit was so comically tiny.  For the advent set they've gone back to red with light grey highlights which is a further step away than their first offering.  I suppose it has to do with the limited selection of useful pieces in orange.  I've read other bloggers' reviews and recommendations and agree with them all.

Day 8 - Stupid Republic Gunship repeat
It is well done though.  Using the clip and handle hinge design for the angled cockpit gives a nice smooth look.

Day 9 - Republic Assault Ship
My thoughts as they were on the mini version are still the same.  Looks like a Star Destroyer.  And it's grey.  With some wedge plates.  Have I reached the minimum amount of words for this subset's review yet?

Day 11 - AT-TE Walker
THIS is the vehicle that I anxiously anticipated when I saw the first leaked pictures of the 2013 advent calendar.  Those taps are wonderful little pieces with a stud at one end, an anti-stud at the other, and a bar connection at 90° from the two which seems to give it a never ending variety of uses.  TLG's marketing department was unfortunately unfamiliar with the front vs. back on this and they give us a good view of the tail.  Overall this walker doesn't follow many of the lines of its on-screen inspiration save for the six legs.  Nonetheless this is still my favorite micro ship, er, craft?

My analysis of the first half, fair to middlin'.  Some of the basic shapes are well presented with so few parts.  Some improvements could be had such as an orange cloud car or all unique ships.

Stay tuned next week when we play catch up and present the rest of the micro fleet.

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