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LEGO Finds - PaB Wall

Since the free LEGO has been extremely hit and miss, I'll add in my occasional PaB wall hauls.  According to, I recently expected to find quite a few parts.  Apparently the week before Christmas is not a time of slow PaB wall turnover.  I found parts somewhat mixed, some of what I wanted, not enough of other stuff I wanted, and some parts missing from the roster altogether.  I had expected to fill 2 small cups and spend $75 to get a holiday box.  Lo and behold, after spending an hour trying to spend my $75 wisely, I discover that they ran out of the boxes the day before.  Ah well, I put some stuff back and kept the bill under $20.  And only one small PaB cup.

At one point I turned around and Mrs. DagsBricks and the kids were gone.  I made my purchase and then wandered the mall for a half hour before finding them in a kids clothing store.  I separated my cup into our stuff and stuff for sale and sat down on the floor to let the kids build.  Here's some of what they came up with.  The 7yo built a submarine.  The 6yo built a tree.  The 2 yo built a truck.  It's all there, can you find it?  I saw 2 olive green cheese slopes and grabbed them.  They don't hardly take space and I couldn't let them be alone.

The majority of the cup is made up of black Travis bricks, lots of them.  Also some grass (the last of it) and flowerheads.  The landscaping may go the girls but I'm delighted to have so much SNOT on hand.  I thought and hoped I had about 200.  Turns out there's only 152.  Instead of filling the cup halfway and shaking, I should have put small handfuls in and shaken after every drop, especially making sure to fill the groove at the very bottom of the cup.

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