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LEGO Techniques - Bars Crossed

The new LEGO lug wrench is a thing of beauty.  Unfortunately its utility is destined for smallness based on its categorization.  Minifig Utensils have some of the greatest features.  Small pieces that can hold bars and studs in differing directions.  Bricklink and BrickOwl both place part 11402 in Minifig, Utensil category.  Thankfully BrickOwl has it tagged as a 'bar' to help it come up in searches.

The tool is similar to two 3L bars crossed in the middle.  The only functional difference from a true bar is that about a 4mm length near each end that is 2mm in diameter instead of the usual 3.2mm.  But at each end and at the intersection is plenty of meat on which to clip other pieces.

I'm a tool...

For instance, you can create a very sturdy base that would otherwise be accomplished with a Travis brick.  The benefit of the lug wrench is that the headlight bricks could be turned either way, not just studs out. This would be true of any piece with an open (or through) stud.

Hollow studs work as well.  The fit is tight.  Clips take a 3.2mm element with tenacity.

Of course I mentioned that many minifig tools are useful pieces.  When they all work in tandem you get some sort of glorious mega Tool of Awesome.

The ToolSaber Deluxe 3000
 With enough of these and a slew of robot arms, I'll bet you could make some amazing Modern Art.  At the very least, maybe a VHF antenna.

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