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LEGO Finds - PaB Wall

No finds this week.  Here's a little PaB interlude.

I made the inconvenient trip to the LEGO Store for the express purpose of getting myself one of the LEGO Movie Accessory pack polybags.  While I was there I decided the Wall of Bricks was worth a grab.  Mostly due to 1x2 trans clear plates.  I filled my cup most of the way and then added a few more handy pieces.  Total count, 74 other pieces and over 400 trans clear plates.  At $7.74 for bringing my own cup back in, that's under 2c per piece.  Hard to beat that on a Bricklink or BrickOwl store.

As far as techniques go, the 2x8 tan plates nestle well against the side wall of the PaB cup when clutched on one edge but not the other.

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