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LEGO Tips and Techniques - Updated Store Organization

Back in June of 2013 I shared with you how I organize my LEGO parts store.  Since then I've grown my store and changed my layout.  Instead of the crummy looking boxes stacked seven high I've built a shelf to stack two high.  And instead of the crummy boxes I've now got 32 of the smallest IKEA Samla boxes.  I purchased the lids to have them but I don't use them.  The boxes are roughly 11" deep, 8" wide and 5"+ tall.  I built my shelf with 11-1/4" clear and two stacked fit nicely.  I wish I'd had 12" even but this works fine.  The unintended benefit is that that height can also hold 4 high of the large LEGO Games boxes (for projects) and 6 high of my builder storage cases as well as fit the accordion files I use for instructions, posters and other paper.

It's not sagging, that's the lens distortion.

The bins now hold more specific ranges of parts.  Rather than one "Slopes" box as before, I've now got "Slopes up to 45°", "Slopes above 45°" and "Slopes, Inverted and Curved".  Plates are 1x, 2x, and 4x.  I've moved a lot of parts from the little drawers but there are still some that persist.  The problem is the dimensions given for the Samla boxes.  IKEA lists them as if the lid were on.  So it's extreme exterior edges.  Useable space inside the bins is a bit less.  Enough so that I estimated I'd need 24 bins for all my parts stock.  I bought 32.  I'm using 24 for stock but still have inventory in the small drawers; at least 2 or more bins' worth.

But the bins are great for other things.  I've got all my LEGO Christmas decor in one, all my baggies in another, and my overstock of tape and packing supplies in another.  I keep tape, scissors, calipers, and my thickness sizing guide (for international orders) on the desk in another.  I plan to buy another 6 or 8 next time I'm at the Swedish Costco.  The small bins are $1.99 with lids, $1.49 without.  If you are an IKEA family member then they are $1.49 with lids, $1.12 without.  Trevligt fynd!

The shelving is 1/2" plywood stock.  I should have used 3/4" for a 5'-4" span but I've made do just fine with a little midspan support.  I added some wood trim around the edge to hide the plies.  I have another piece of scrap 3/8" plywood used on the back for shear stabilization.  The shelf is held on the wall by driving minimum 2-1/2" long screws through a 3/4" cleat at the top shelf and directly into the studs.  I should do the same on the bottom shelf.  The very top of the shelf is about 3" from the ceiling and fits all my flattened boxes of any value.

Other than the storage that protrudes I've got in mind that I could add doors someday.  On the other hand doors might make the already small room feel smaller.  So maybe open is OK as long as the shelves look tidy.

And the top shelf?  A museum of sorts.  There's some Primo and Quatro, some large tubs, and a Freestyle Brick Vac.  Also some trophies for Convention awards and marathon running.

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