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Set Review - The Piece of Resistance 30280

Well I hate to sound cliche or late to the party but The LEGO Movie is AWESOME!  I have some complaints and eyebrow raises but overall it was a nice hour and a half of non-commercial.  There may be some spoilers slipped in here and there so beware.  Or just go see it already.

In the action-opening scene of the movie, Emmet finds himself in front of some sort of pile of rocks or goo or gooey rocks or garbage or something I couldn't quite identify.  Within is a glowing piece of something that's equally hard to identify.  It is prophesied as the piece of resistance.  Emmet touches it and boom, the setup is over and the story begins.

If you spent $50 at Shop @ Home, you could get the polybag of this scene for free.  The polybag consists of Emmet and a pile of glowing rocks with a simple Technic blasting mechanism.  By simple I mean lever whose force breaks away a one stud connection.  Connected to this mechanism is the Piece of Resistance, AKA the Emmet Brick.  *Edit: I just discovered this is the same setup and mechanism as Thor and His Cosmic Cube 30163 from 2012.  Hmm...

The build is simple, as we'd expect from a polybag.  My 3 KFOLs had endless fun slamming Emmet down onto the mechanism to make the rock pop off.  I gave them a brief synopsis of the scene and they continued to play it out over and over for a half hour.  No, they did not come to the theatre with me to see the movie.  Maybe I'm a bad LEGO dad but I'm also a poor LEGO dad.  They won't suffer to wait and see it and it's much cheaper to buy the DVD and watch it endlessly than it is to go to the cinema just once.  I'm shrewd, that's what I am.

The life of this promo seemed pretty short lived to me and I'm glad I got one when I did.  I'm not much of a minifigure guy but at least I have a new Emmet Brick to try to ponder uses for.  If you want one you'll have to hit up the usual secondary markets for $7 and up for the set; 60c and up for the brick.


Tune in Wednesday for a more in-depth look at the Emmet Brick.

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