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BrickOwl Seller Review - Hoosier Brick and Toy

Not to be confused with the Daddy from the same state.  I still get them mixed up.  Then again I sometimes mix up General Motors and General Mills as well.  Whatever, right?  Sometimes that can get you in trouble though.  At the Canadian border my dad once said he was bringing a bunch of coke across.  That was a narrow miss with a rubber glove.

Seller: Hoosier Brick and Toy, LLC
Feedback (at time of writing): 1619 (includes 1500 boost from other marketplaces)
Feedback Ratio: 100% positive
Location: USA, Indiana
Prices: Above 6 month average.

My Order
Order Size: 282 pieces, 21 lots
Condition: 100% New
Shipping Charge: Something around electronic rate plus 50c rounded to the next highest 20c increment minus 3 pennies ($2.37, $2.57, $2.77...)
Extra Fees: BrickOwl sellers include all fees in one shipping charge
Other: $1 minimum order
Final Cost per Part: $0.105

Order Date: Feb 23
Invoice Date: Feb 23 (Instant Checkout rocks... except when I forget to add a part)
Payment Date: Feb 23
Shipping Date: Feb 24
Delivery Date: Feb 26

Order Details
Why this store: Specifically hitting BrickOwl for some Wishlist items
Packaging: Every lot in it's own baggie, all baggies loose in a bubble mailer.  Packing slip included.
Part condition: Very nice
Communication: None needed
Feedback left: Positive
Odd telltale signs: None
Issues: None, perfect.

This is almost how an order should be.  The quality of it is platform irrelevant.  A little lot mixing would reduce the bulk of baggies and the packing slip is unnecessary.  But at least the baggies are obviously brand new and not one piece was missing.  That's the best part, when you don't have to contact your seller with an "Um, by the way" sort of email.  I'm adding this place to favorites and maybe a note about some mixing OK.

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