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LEGO Techniques - Arm Nubs

Think it can't be done?  Let my kid show you.  My 5 year old daughter showed me a little "table scrap" the other day telling me it was such and such a thing.  I was deep into work but stopped short when I noticed what she had.

"How'd you do that?"
*shrug* "I just did."

Well, how else would you know unless you tried right?  She had made some sort of chandelier / jewel holder by snapping a droid arm into the hollow stud of a cone.  Not one of the clips on the droid arm, mind you.  But onto what I would otherwise call a machining mark or decorative moulding pattern.  Sure enough there's an adequate amount of raised surface at the elbow to snap it into a hollow stud... sometimes.  But she had found two elements that worked.  Ten minutes later something had worn off too much and it wouldn't properly stick anymore.  So perhaps the half-life of the technique is rather short, or at least limited in uses.  Nonetheless this adds a whole new element to the greebling process.

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