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Set Review - Fast Car 30187

So this is what set names have devolved to.  Remember the days of Tiny Turbos when TLG had an endless wheel to spin and came up with names like Chrome Ripper and Mud Slinger and Track Captain?  Now we get (wait for it) Fast... Car...  Um yes.  And the next Modular will be named, Big Building?  It's like they're not even trying anymore.

For $3.29 in the seasonal aisle of Target you can get 56 pieces + 5 extras.  That's a great per part value of like 5c!  Granted there's nothing special in here and most of those parts sell in the penny to nickel range on BrickOwl and Bricklink.  Unlike other Creator sets, there's little to nothing in the way if something like two 1x2 plates were a 2x2 would work.  So the piece count could have been inflated a touch.

As far as cars go, Creator just doesn't quite nail it.  The Tiny Turbos were sweet little rides.  The Creator cars look borderline goofy.  Kind of like town cars from the 80's but shrinkified a bit in length and missing key details like a finished roof.  This one is even worse with the stubby look.  I think I nailed this down to the extended front end on the bracket and the short wheelbase.  What it really needs for aesthetics is a less bulky nose and a longer wheelbase.  Using just the pieces in the set I came up with this:

Way more better and you could even sit a minifig in it for mis-scaled laughs.  For a parts pack, yeah, go for it, pick a bunch of these up.  Cheap wheels and plates.  But for display, unless you like disproportionate stubby things, might as well pass.

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