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LEGO Finds - PaB Wall

A little test of jamming 2x2 into a PaB cup without connecting them.  I had one of my kids with me and couldn't neglect some of their little brick desires as well.  I tried to pack it all in and was thankful that they wanted mostly 2x4 (which went well with the experiment) and smaller filler pieces (which again went well).

Final count:
  • 1 red 2x8 brick 
  • 6 red 2x4 brick
  • 7 blue 2x4 brick
  • 8 green 2x4 brick
  • 9 pink 1x2 brick
  • 104 dark bley 2x2 brick

In total this works out to 155 2x2 bricks per PaB cup plus a bunch of little filler. Could have gotten 7 more 2x2 in the lid but I just... didn't...

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