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Set Review - Emmet's Car

If you haven't heard by now, Toys'R'Spendy had an in store model build with Emmet's Car.  Twice.  I guess the first event was seriously lacking in folks?  Anywho, I'm probably the last blogger in the interwebs to be throwing this out there.  But fellow lugger DMChylde was kind enough to get an extra for me to review.

Flash back a few years to 2010.  My dark ages were lightening up and I discovered the Small Car.  This was a BRILLIANT design and so indicative of the new small cars that were starting to show up on US shores.  I had to buy one.  It's still one of my favorite sets.  Of course, I like small stuff.  Also that year (though unnoticed by me until later) was the Cargo Train which contained two of those cars, rehashed.

So when I saw Emmet's Car in the LEGO Movie, I probably squealed like a little girl.  Thankfully there were only 6 of us in the theatre and I knew none of them.  It was the Small Car, updated with a few new parts.  This is the set that TRU chose to use for their build event.

The idea is that, much like other LEGO Movie sets, you could build two different tiny things with the same (mostly) pieces.  First is Emmet's Car which is the Small Car with a better bumper design, color matched steering wheel, and rear view mirrors.

Second, you build a flying car which I don't remember seeing in the movie.  Maybe it was there or maybe it was too long ago since I saw it.  It's a decent build but it looks like it was built from another set.  I suppose TLG could have Creator-fied the car and made it a little more versatile.  But with that Creator concept also comes the risk of flimsy.

Nonetheless it was a fun Sunday afternoon diversion to build the car, then the flying car, then the car again (since I like that build better).  Um, and no, I didn't try to build something else.  Sorry, I just ignored that whole creativity thing.


  1. Great review, didn't know how much of a fan you are of the little Lego smart car!

  2. Great review! Glad I could hook a fellow LUG'er up.