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Bricklink Seller Review - Soonerfan Toys

Things that make you go "hmm..."  Like LEGO pieces with no logo.  Or stores with no terms.  Or stores with vague terms.  I'm not sure which I prefer; no terms listed, or a gigantic wall of text listing every case and every solution.  Paragraph breaks are a good thing.  So is clarity.  So when the terms state one thing and another happens, what to do?  What if this was the only seller who could fulfill your needs?

Seller: Soonerfan Toys
Feedback (at time of writing): 4494
Feedback Ratio: 99.4% positive.  Some older neuts and negs.  Some neuts seem very positive.
Location: USA, Oklahoma
Prices: About average

My Order
Order Size: 76 pieces, 10 lots
Condition: 100% Used
Shipping Charge: Starts at $2.75.  My 2oz $11 order was assessed at $3.40.
Extra Fees: none
Other: Minimum buy $1.50
Final Cost per Part: $0.19

Order Date: Apr 17
Invoice Date: Apr 17
Payment Date: Apr 18
Shipping Date: Apr 19
Delivery Date: Apr 21

Order Details
Why this store: Lowest price on a very specific part
Packaging: All thrown together in one Ziploc baggie, then into a bubble mailer.
Part condition: Good enough
Communication: Less than helpful
Feedback left: Neutral for a lack of communication on the high shipping and why the price skyrocketed.  They replied with a retaliatory neutral about me declining a refund offer.  I wasn't really interested in repurchasing everything from another store.  I just wanted an explanation on their shipping disparity.
Odd telltale signs: none
Issues: Two pieces with notable damage, not worth fighting over.

Invoicing was quick and I paid right away.  THEN I noticed the shipping charge.  How could the base postage go up so quickly on such a small order?  When I inquired I was offered the opportunity to cancel.  I said no, I had already paid and I needed the parts.  But when I asked why the shipping charge went so high so quick, especially compared to the store terms, I was met with just a bunch of crickets.

So of course a severe audit was in store for when the package arrived.  It was a Paypal label that stated 2ozs right on the front.  As I seller myself I immediately know that this seller paid $1.93 for the label which included tracking.  The Scotch bubble mailer he used are $8.88 for a 25 pack at Wally World; 36c each.  Ziploc baggies are about 3c each at most.  My order will cost the seller 32c in Bricklink fees.  The Paypal fee calculates out to 71c.  In total, the cost for shipping and handling and the cost of business would be $1.93 + 36c + 3c + 32c + 71c = $3.35.  So if he's going to be so nitpicky about costs, give me back my damn nickel.  Of course those Paypal fees are technically not to be passed along.  I'll take three quarters and we'll call it even.

Buyer beware.  The advertised $2.75 shipping charge must be for a single sticker sheet in a #6 envelope.  Consider it actual shipping plus ~$1.50 "handling" fee.

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