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LEGO Finds - Calendar Week 21

This week, more unique finds than usual.  The first thing I saw was a baseplate!  Green, 40x40.  Yeah, this is Samsonite era.  But it's a wreck.  It's missing a 5x8 piece out of one corner, a 5.5 x 13.5 chunk from another corner, has a few blown out studs, and several weak spots.  And the bottom is terribly scuffed.  Much as I hate to, this might be a candidate for cutting down to 32x32 size.

A more pleasant find was the lid to last week's tub.  Now my 6 year old can have her own complete pink LEGO tub.  Half of Hoth was also discovered as well as the rear end of either the new A-Wing or the Home One Cruiser.  I'll be keeping my eyes open next week just in case Lando shows up.

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