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LEGO Techniques - PaB Wall Pick a Brick Cup

I seem to be having more PaB wall lately.  That means I'm going to the LEGO Store more often than before.  At least my wallet is lighter.  I mean, shoot, that thing was so heavy...

A commission that I've been working on required a bunch of dark bley 2x4 filler and a bunch of dark red 1x2 bricks (among other parts).  Both of these were amazingly in the PaB wall.  Armed with a large cup and the knowledge that I could snap the bricks together (since they weren't for resale) I tested some 2x4 packing.

First layer was the 1x2 in the bottom rim of the cup.  Next I built a big block of 2x4 and test fit it.  There was enough room in much of it to add more 1x2 to the outer edges.  Some tan 2x8 plates made for good edge filler.  I then put a second larger block on top.  Finally, I had enough room to add one more 2x layer.  I figured some of the 2x2 bley bricks would be helpful and built a block with a few them and a bunch more 1x2.  With each layer I dumped in, shook, and used a 1x8 tile to shove down as many 1x1 trans clear plates as possible.

In the lid I was able to get a few extra pieces to friction fit.

Total count:

108 dark bley 2x4
14 dark bley 2x2
93 dark red 1x2
8 tan 2x8 plate
2 red 2x4 brick
2 white 2x2x2 65° slope
2 light bley 2x2 tile
2 light bley 1x2 tile with handle
302 trans clear 1x1 plate

Total street value of about $41.  I've had better but that's not terrible for a $16 cup.  Off to build!

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