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Set Review - Anakin's Jedi Interceptor 30244

There are surprises all over the place.  You just need to look.  Sometimes you don't need to look, they just happened.  Such was myself visiting Toys'mirrored consonant'Us twice in two weeks.  Unprecedented.  Second was scoring LEGO items at or below MSRP.  Last week's Spida Glida was essentially free, this week's poly was a low $3.99 (even though I swore the shelf tag said $4.99).

Quality of the build was another surprise.  The last many reviews have not been amazing in quality of build though they are adequate and perhaps even interesting.  But this mini Jedi Interceptor was tops.  The cat's meow, the bees knees, the, uh, Rancor's bite.  When reviewing these sets, there are several things I look for.

First, how does it compare to the source material (if there is source material).  Some things have no source material or use the source material as if it were a chemical induced haze in a foggy dream.  In this case, the source material had a little problem with the Gamma setting.  All the toys and screen caps showed a yellow craft, though there were a few dark green ones.  By and large though, the full size set was well done and this mini did a fair job as well.

Second is the build quality, techniques, etc.  This was a fun build.  There were no major breakthroughs in the build and quite a bit was accomplished without printed pieces.  Even minor bits such as the R2 head sticking out of the droid socket was paid attention too.  There is a click hinge connection that I thought would be wobbly but it is very firm and the set does not fall apart when it is fiddled with.

Finally, the more ethereal question.  How does it make me feel?  How does it appeal to the senses including the fun factor.  Is it swooshable?  Is it functional?  Does it look pretty?  Really, these are sort of factors of the first two points.  Nonetheless this is a more holistic approach at the set.  Regardless of its unquantifiable nature it still got high marks.  But how to score this?  On a scale of one to five internets it got 3 karmas?

On all points, this little set was very pleasing.  The craft was recognizable, the build was fantastic and the final product was very appealing.  The price point is certainly acceptable.  For 45 + 2 pieces the value actually lands around less than 9c per part (depending on your tax).  I give it 3 Jedis and a Wookiee.

* Edit

Thanks to reader Brad for leading me to discover that this is actually a slightly updated version of a 2005 set, Jedi Starfighter 6966.  Apparently I was completely oblivious to that fact.