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Bricklink Seller Review - Bruno's Brick Depot

Well it's about time.  After last week's purchase from DK Bricks for the 2x2 round trans-clear plates, I just had to have the matching tiles.  I'd been eying them from two different sellers for close to a year.  I went into one of the stores and added a few to my cart.  I wanted to make the purchase worthwhile so I added a few more things.  Before I knew it I found myself with my biggest order ever by far and a ton of parts for my current (as of this writing) commission.

Seller: Bruno's Brick Depot
Feedback (at time of writing): 19107
Feedback Ratio: 99.97% positive (5 neutrals ever.  No negatives.  Whoa.)
Location: Germany, Niedersachsen
Prices: Below or at average

My Order
Order Size: 1690 pieces, 19 lots
Condition: 100% New
Shipping Charge: DeutschPost rates
Extra Fees: Orders higher than 20 get charged 2,20 for registration.  Orders over 100 get charged 1,80 for insurance.
Other: 10 minimum order
Final Cost per Part: 10c.  Boo-yaa.

Order Date: Jun 11 (last of four batches)
Invoice Date: Jun 12
Payment Date: Jun 12
Shipping Date: Jun 14
Delivery Date: Jun 19 (super quick)

Order Details
Why this store: Wanted the trans-clear 2x2 round tiles.
Packaging: Parts well separated into baggies, wrapped in bubbles, and shipped in a thin cardboard box.
Part condition: Very nice
Communication: Easy and prompt
Feedback left: Positive
Odd telltale signs: None.
Issues: None.

Absolutely.  Germany is becoming one of my favorite countries to order from due to the reasonable shipping and selection of parts.  Must be a German thing.  This seller is very professional but also friendly in their communications.  They sent me a full on invoice that included all sorts of legal information.  Definitely a German thing.  When I asked for a tracking number I had it within hours.  For a seller with such volume (dozens of orders daily?) I am very impressed by their service and communication.  Sehr gut und danke schön!

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