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LEGO Techniques - Mudguard Stuck

Being up to the wheel wells in mud is one thing.  Being up to the wheel wells in LEGO bricks is quite another.  While the former sounds fun, the latter would be more fun to get out of.  Being up to my waist in mud, attaching a chain is a bit too much.  The dangly loose ends of the LEGO mudguards have caught my attention for quite a while.  Finally I gave it a go and started trying to get them to stick in all sorts of places.  In what could be called a variant of cheese slope wedging, give this a go:

Karf Oohlu, where are you?

I have to give Bricklink all the thanks for this one.  Their monified seed part challenge was to build something for their MOC shop using 4 of these in dark azure.  That's a nice number to build a... car.  But I wanted to build anything else.  How many car entries would there end up being?

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