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LEGO Techniques - Shipping LEGO Set Boxes

I have a problem.  It's not really like hoarding.  Maybe it is.  It's hard for me to throw away anything with a LEGO logo on it.  I don't mean you could stamp it on a turd and I would cherish it.  This has to be real, official LEGO items.  The primary culprit is set boxes.  Argh, you want me to recycle these?  But it's got the logo!  It's got value!  So I pretend there's a market for them and I list empty boxes for sale.  Weird, huh?

Even weirder is that they sometimes sell!  Granted, the profit isn't huge but they sell.  Sometimes they lead to other sales as well.  Now that I've sold one, how do I ship it?  I've got to pretend that the postal service will find a way to mangle it.  I once sent a box that came folded in half.  So I sent another.  Whatever, I was only out like 12c for the double transaction.

Uh wait, you want 2 different sized boxes?  With a minifig and parts?  Oy...

There are two ways that I ship boxes, depending on size.  The first is to gently reassemble it (I store all the boxes flat) and tack some tape over the broken seals.  Then I'll either fill it with peanuts or use some strips of rigid foam to help the box keep it's shape in transit.  After that, I wrap it with thin padding (bubbles or foam) and then wrap a piece of butcher paper around it.  I'm lucky in that I have a bunch of sheets of 24x36" paper lying around due to my drafting business.  You might find it worthwhile to carefully unmake a paper grocery bag or two.

See, I keep EVERY LEGO branded box.  EVERY, I said.

The second way is to keep the box flat and wrap it in bubbles and paper.  The problem is that the flaps at the end are subject to floppiness, catching, and ruination.  In this case I might take a lightweight box and use it to strengthen the flap ends.  You could just use another flattened box to put your flattened boxes in.  But you've also got a weight (and shipping cost) issue against the value of the box.

Butcher paper from a recent Wally World order.

Most of the time when I receive an order for an original box, I will make sure the buyer knows that it is the BOX ONLY and give them a shipping estimate.  You'd be surprised at how many think they are getting the complete Uruk-Hai Army set for $1.  And that $1 box can cost $3-$4 to send domestically or $9-$12 to send overseas.  But some collectors are meticulous about having complete, complete sets.

For those buyers, I provide some service.  You?

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