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Bricklink Seller Review - Bricks on the Plate

I have a few pet parts that I would like in vast quantities.  The problem is, many of them have not been produced in years.  For instance, you would think that a 2x2 round tile in blue should be easy enough to source, right?  Au contraire!  A single piece was in three sets, one each from the years 1995, 1996, and 1997.  Two of these sets were castle, one was an airport.  Given the expense of creating blue in medieval times, I have to wonder at the decision to include it in such sets.  It makes more sense as a barrel lid in the airport set.  Due to this single piece, the price of a blue Dag Brick gets rather pricey.  Thanks to the magic of Wanted List notifications, I was alerted when a boat load appeared on BL for under the average price.  I have to wonder if a Model Shop was involved.

Seller: Bricks on the Plate
Feedback (at time of writing): 2444
Feedback Ratio: 99.8% positive.
Location: Denmark
Prices: Around average

My Order
Order Size: 102 items, 4 lots.
Condition: 100% Used
Shipping Charge: Rate table per Dansk Post.
Extra Fees: None
Other: Min buy $2
Final Cost per Part: $0.21, only rare stuff here

Order Date: Sep 12
Invoice Date: Sep 13
Payment Date: Sep 13
Shipping Date: Sep 14
Delivery Date: Sep 22

Order Details
Why this store: Wanted List ping.  Also had a small but deep selection of Modulex.
Packaging: Lots separated into baggies.  With about 30 pieces per lot, this was very nice.
Part condition: Very good
Communication: Prompt
Feedback left: Positive
Odd telltale signs: I've noticed more and more European sellers are putting a simple X through the return address.  While still legible, this is smart quick way to show where to send the package to.
Issues: None

Shipping from Denmark is not exactly cheap.  But sometimes you pay a premium for sourcing from TLG's dumpster.  50g of goods starts right off at $3 which means 51g becomes $6.  I tried to keep the parcel light and the store owner was very good about letting me know how much weight I had left.  There was nothing phenomenal about the service but it hit all the right spots; price, communication, quick shipping to name a few.  No wonder they call them Great Danes.

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