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Set Review - Imperial Shuttle 30246

Lo and behold, after weeks and weeks of looking, Target finally stocked a new point of purchase set.  The Imperial Shuttle was very exciting to see hanging on the shelf, crowding out a few City helicopters and Chima sets.  Though my nerd cred is a bit low, Star Wars is still one of my favorite themes.  Aside from the Advent Calendar mini, this would be my first little shuttle.

I know that I've generally been a little hard on these small sets in the past.  And well I should be.  There's no reason not to get every bit of value out of a $5 set as you do a $50 set.  Thankfully, this set has many more positive things to say about it than negative ones.  First off, it's a great white parts pack.  There are several standard pieces plus some nice little greebles and functional bits in the staple color.  Also a few nice basic dark and light bley bits.  But this is only the beginning.

The shaping is very impressive in a small model.  I only have a few small complaints.  First, it's not stable to set down with the wings out.  It'll need a stand if you want to display it in flight mode.  This is more difficult than it sounds since the bottom is all but plastered in boat studs.  Second, the wings don't really show the small bit of an angle near where they connect to the body.  This, really, is minor.  Finally, the cockpit looks a little flat.  The slope piece from the BrickMaster version was perfect but any slope on this model would be a touch too big.  Ideally, there would be a 3x2x2/3 slope.  That would nail it.

But that's about it for the low points.  For the high points it has a nice design, sturdy build, and play features!  That gigantic tail (back?) wing is a big mass of white pieces that is spot on for the real thing.  Maybe missing a few lines of color here and there but the shape is perfect.  The wings are the same basic shape and design as used on many other Star Wars miniatures, just turned 90° or pieces on top of instead of underneath other pieces.  But everything is solid and highly highly swooshable.

And what about the play feature, you ask?  Well, should your tail wing get blown off in space (which is not improbable when swooshing this around; that connection could be tighter), you can launch the cockpit with your top classified crew members and get out of Dodge.

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