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Commission Update

My second commission was for an office building in downtown Portland.  Elemental Technologies was interested in a 1:100 scale model of their office.  Once it was completed, the CEO and I were in occasional contact regarding the reveal to his team.  He finally decided to use it during his quarterly lunch and update as a means of inspiration.  He asked if I would be able to come in and say a few words regarding the build process, etc.  But I wasn't allowed to mention the model.

So I bluffed my way through about 5 minutes of looking at detailing (visually, your brain fills in the gaps), knowing your resources (so much time spent going through the Bricklink catalog), working within your constraints (purist methods only), being innovative (official keychain on an official brick separator), and going beyond the brick (a LEGO built QR code leads to an online experience).

Then the build was wheeled in and everyone got to ooh and ahh.  But the amazing part was the CEO's devotion to employee morale and buy in.  He highlighted three outstanding employees for the last quarter, presented them with a minifig of themselves, and invited them to place themselves within the building.  If you recall, the floors were built for removal.  If I knew anything about software engineering, I'd be fighting to work for this company.

Within minutes an Instagram photo was tweeted to the world.  Or France, at least.

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