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Set Review - Star Wars Advent 75056

Back at it then with part 3 of my Star Wars Advent Calendar Micro Ships Review (SWACMS#3).  Acquiring a Bricktober Pizza Parlor in time for this review was a bust, maybe next week.  The last two weeks, I have been sorely underimpressed by the offering of micro ships for this year.  This week is the possibility of a new hope.

2014 leading the way for 2011.  2003 not shown
First up, Snowspeeder, snowspeeder, wherefore art thou snowspeeder?  2011, that's where.  Oh, and 2003.  This is not a unique ship.  Nor is the design all that unique.  It's been advented before and this is just a rehash of the design.  I think I prefer the mini version from long ago with it's downturned wings.  In fact, the trend seems to be worsening.  Last advent had a nice cockpit.  This year, the cockpit has been snubbed and an enormous gun has been set at the rear.  So enormous in fact that the rear gunner has no chance of getting a visual of what he's shooting at unless it's an AT-AT from 20 feet at ground level.  By then, sadly, it's too late.  Rest in peace, tail gunner.

Next is an AAT.  But wait, why is it all bluey and stuff?  I saw the movie, it was tan!  Oh wait, this is a clone wars thing, isn't it?  Apparently so.  I love that we get a (NEW SHIP ALERT) new ship!  I don't recall seeing an AAT in prior years.  I do wish it was the movie version, not the cartoon version, but I'll still give it a good solid 4 stars.  And here's to guaranteeing that we'll get an almost identical tan version in 1-5 years.

Finally is something completely different!  TLG seems to be on track with including some sort of unique present delivery vehicle each year.  Last year was the rocket sled which looked nothing like anything that Star Wars ever hosted.  This year it's a (NEW SHIP ALERT) real vehicle from the movies!  I was so excited I could hardly contain my build in a bag skills.  A speeder bike!  Long have I awaited thee (or anything new).  The bike seems a little big for a microbuild and there's a big flat 2x2 spot on top of it.  I suppose this is where Santa Vader sits to make his grand entrance.  I don't quite understand the blaster stuck on the back, but I'm guessing it has to do with Santa Vader's naughty list.

All in all I would say I'm fairly disappointed in this year's offerings.  There were too many repeats and rehashes to get anything excitingly new.  Last year was pretty epic with all the new ship offerings.  I guess TLG had better things to do this year.  In case they are reading, here's a non-inclusive list to consider for next year:
  • ARC-170
  • AT-AP, maybe?
  • B-Wing (how has this not happened yet?)
  • Clone Turbo Tank (roller skates would be great with this)
  • Corporate Alliance Tank Droid
  • Droid Control Ship
  • Hailfire Droid (oh, yes please!)
  • MTT, better than the last one, dark blue if you must
  • Pod Racers.  Many designs available
  • Jabba's Sail Barge
  • Skiffs, too.
  • SandCrawler.  Yeah, that would have been a nice tie-in to this year
  • T-16 Skyhopper.  Sure, why not?
  • Swamp Speeder.  Meh, why not too?
  • V-wing
  • V-19 Torrent
  • General Grevious' Wheel Bike
  • Wookiee Catamaran
  • XJ-6 Airpseeder to chase Zam Wessel

This should give at least a couple years worth of ships.  Anything else NOT from the obscurity of the clone wars cartoons?

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