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Set Review - Bricktober Town Hall 40183

At long last, Bricktober is over.  Well okay it's been over for a couple of weeks but I'm just finishing.  Maybe other bloggers have covered all the sets by now and are on to new material.  Fine, at least I don't have to deal with TRU for a while now.  They've been better than usual this last month but still, well, TRU.

It's amusing that TLG named this set Town Hall.  That name was already reserved for the Modular 10224.  Now when we get the Mini Modulars II, we'll have three sets going by that name.  Oh the confusion.  But it really is quite a charming little building.  The basic structure is the same as the modular but the color scheme is completely different.  Tan and sand green (or patina'd copper in this case) are fabulous colors for an old civic building.  The style is Federal and is clearly seen with the chimneys on either side of the building.  The dome on top is rather typical of many government buildings of the style.

While the design cues are much subtler on this one, there are some great touches.  The steps and colonnade are well done.  The clip plates give a nice bit of texture at the top of the columns.  Slide rail plates are used to great effect for more depth.  The frogs as statues are a nice touch if not oversized.  At least they're not fire hydrants.  But the most perfect detail is the lamppost out front.  It's a nice match to the theatre from the first week.  The double decker bus is a nice touch too, even if it's a little small in scale.

Wrap-up:  Are these overpriced?  Absolutely.  Are they well detailed?  Absolutely.  Would I buy them again?  Likely, but only if they were a little cheaper.  Maybe $12.99?  Maybe if they were a little bigger?  Maybe if they weren't tied to an overpriced chains promo week and could be had when I was ready.  And yet the secondary market has them pegged at nearly 50% beyond the MSRP with more sold than are available.  TLG must have done something right.

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