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LEGO Techniques - Fencing Your Goods

Been a while, what say we have a proper techniques post?  'Tis Christmas after all.  And what better gift from me to you than fresh material?  Right-o, off we go then!

What's the best gift that TLG can give to us?  A redesigned part?  A new part?  How about a completely redone part such that the cleverness and usefulness of the old part is done away with completely in the name of "child safety".  You see the quotations I'm making with my claw hands?

My particular woeful rant today is over the old Duplo fence, part number 3967.  (Wot, no picture?  On it, chief!).  I have a handful of these and I used to think they were junk.  But the more I explored and caressed them, the more I realized how brilliant they were as a crossover piece in connecting Duplo and System.

For starters is the clip system to interlock them together.  On one side is a clip, the other side is a bar, very similar to a handle on a 1x2 plate.  It didn't take very much time or finagling to make a connection from one side of the fence to the other.  The fact that I couldn't locate a 1x2 plate with closed end handle was a little annoying.  Nonetheless it was quite easy to discern that there are exactly 25 plates of height between the two grippy ends of the fence.  That's 80mm which is also exactly 10 studs in width.  Oooh, can we double check that somehow?

Sure enough, the feet of the fence are also System friendly.  In the bottom is a little hole somewhere along the lines of 4.85mm in diameter, the exact size needed for a System stud.  It fits nice and snug too.  By placing jumpers on either end of a 1x10 plate, we can check the distance of the fence.  Those little feet fit nicely in between Duplo studs, and are about 6.4mm wide by 12.8mm long.

Some other stats:
  • Fence posts are 6.4mm square (two plate thicknesses) and 28.8mm tall (3 bricks tall);
  • Rails are about 3.3mm thick, a little more than a plate;
  • Gap between rails is about 6.3mm, a little less than two plates thick;
  • Void in the back of rails is right about 1.6mm, or a half plate thick; same as the lip on a headlight brick.
  • Void behind the posts is a bit over 3.3mm.  A tile slides in fine, but does not clutch.

In short, this is an amazing crossover piece, even more useful as a scaffold for System alone.  They are anywhere from 2 to 20 for a buck on the marketplaces.  On your next BrickBird order, pick up a few.  And may your stocking be filled with a complete S13 set.

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