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Set Review - ARC 170 Starfighter 30247

I've had some other projects going and this is getting typed up last minute. To save you from any endless drivel that could result, I'll keep this short.

I picked up the ARC-170... a while ago at... a retailer.  Or something.  Maybe it was a big haul of polys at TRU online.  Or maybe it was Target.

Rear view.  Never enough of these in blogoland.

 I was smitten by the white and dark red contrast.  Wait, I've said that before somewhere.  Well apparently it's working on me.  Especially the dark red plain minifig heads.  Nom, nom.  This looks like it lands somewhere between a Headhunter and an X-Wing.  Wookieepedia agrees with me.

Apparently I'm out of touch with legal connections for TLG designers.  The heads stuck studs first into a technic pin hole.  Is this okay now?   I thought the clutch was too tight and would deform some of the pieces.  Perhaps it's different with hollow studs.  I'm a little disappointed that the bulk of the engine isn't carried through the wings nor does the front intake (?) line up with the rear exhaust (??).

The stand for the bottom is a little annoying.  It's too short to allow the lower stabilizing wings to be extended to any appreciable angle.  Either two more plates or a trans brick under the front of the nose would be stellar.

Today being Cyber Monday and all, you could probably get a pretty good deal on some LEGO sets:

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