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LEGO Techniques - The Dag's Bricks Tell All

Hello readers.  I am considering releasing a guide to how I became a successful Bricklink store and am on my way towards making $15,000 from part time work.  I've got several snippets in my blog posts on how I run my store, but this would be a nitty-gritty guide, no info withheld.  Obviously I don't want just anybody grabbing it.  I think if somebody is serious about running a parts store, they should be willing to commit to it and not quit in 3 months time.  I've seen quite a few of those on Bricklink.  They buy stock, use the part out feature, and then realize they don't have the time, or they can't grasp shipping.  Then they get on the forum and offer to sell all of their inventory to the highest bidder (but still at a loss to them).

I want to help you succeed.  I would show you all my tips and tricks, down to actual keystrokes in some cases.  I would show formulas I use, where I source my products (both supplies and LEGO pieces), why I pass on good deals, and what key things bring repeat customers.  And since this is premium info, I would be charging a nominal fee.  The last ebook I wrote, I thought I would have 30 pages and I ended up having about 100.

If I don't get much interest, there obviously is no sense in writing the guide.  I'd love to have your input in the form below.

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