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Bricklink Seller Review - abrew's e-bricks

Brain chemicals are a lot of fun to play with. I'm talking naturally, of course. You can accidentally or even purposely increase your levels of serotonin, adrenaline and dopamine. While you can obviously use other chemicals to do this (such as ethanol, cannibas, or caffeine), you can change your circumstances, or have them changed to accomplish similar results. Push down harder on the accelerator and watch your adrenaline rise.  Beat your previous high score in Galaga and watch your serotonin rise. Dopamine, well, I don't know how it works. Anyway, the point is that I was so excited to build that I forgot to take a picture of my order.

[I'm so embarrassed. I was in such a thrill]
[to get building that I never took a snapshot]
[of the envelope and packing. Sorry abrew!]

Seller: abrew's e-bricks
Feedback (at time of writing): 13111
Feedback Ratio: 99.92% positive (a few old neutrals)
Location: USA, Colorado
Prices: Around average

My Order
Order Size: 236 items, 19 lots
Condition: 100% New
Shipping Charge: States exact postage. I was charged $3.22 (exact counter rate) for 8oz of commercial base rate postage ($2.59). Deceptive.
Extra Fees: None except for the postage racket
Other: $3 min buy
Final Cost per Part: $0.11

Order Date: Feb 9
Invoice Date: Feb 9
Payment Date: Feb 9
Shipping Date: Feb 11
Delivery Date: Feb 13

Order Details
Why this store: Something about arches and bricks and a few loose ends.
Packaging: All packed well in baggies, then in a bubble mailer.
Part condition: As stated
Communication: Professional
Feedback left: Positive
Odd telltale signs: none
Issues: none

Even though the order was packed well and all parts were present and nice, the postage thing really gets me. To say that exact postage is charged but then mean two different things by it is not appropriate. Did I agree to the postage? Yes. Should I be done with it and move on? Yes. I just like to be a little more holistic and not encourage sleight of hand. While I won't avoid this store in the future, I won't purposely seek it out either.

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