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Bricklink Seller Review - More Than Bricks

Sometimes a name is so obvious that it stands out to you. And sometimes those names can encompass a huge spectrum, depending on how you interpret that meaning. At a base level, bricks would imply the square blocks that are the basis of The LEGO Company. To say you have more than these might mean you have plates too! Joy! Or perhaps you take bricks to mean LEGO pieces themselves. Yeah, minifigs! Perhaps it even is used as a colloquialism to encompass everything that the LEGO company has ever produced. Cool, Brickarms? Or maybe take it a step further. Since the term itself is generic, perhaps we could also buy a pie? Or an Audi?

Seller: MoreThanBricks
Feedback (at time of writing): 5515
Feedback Ratio: 99.94% positive (a few old neutrals)
Location: Germany
Prices: Around average

My Order
Order Size: 421 items, 46 lots
Condition: 81% New
Shipping Charge: Great table on terms page
Extra Fees: None for US buyers, Paypal for German buyers
Other: Insurance required for all int'l buyers
Final Cost per Part: $0.23

Order Date: Feb 3
Invoice Date: Feb 3
Payment Date: Feb 4
Shipping Date: Feb 5
Delivery Date: Feb 12

Order Details
Why this store: Part 6037 in tan. Plus other tan pieces for a commission.
Packaging: All packed well in baggies, then in a thin box.
Part condition: Very
Communication: Very friendly and prompt
Feedback left: Positive
Odd telltale signs: Fun extras: HERE'S where this store is more than bricks. I received a MoreThanBricks branded notepad as well as a small package of Tagungs Tiger gummy candies. With orangen, apfel, tropic, pfirisch, and cassis flavors. Mmm, cassis...?
Issues: One end of the box was torn open. I couldn't tell if this was from customs or not. More likely it was crushed by another box. This is a good example of why to use bubble mailers as much as possible. Boxes get sorted into one area, regardless of size. They are then subject to other boxes crushing them. Bubble mailers get bundled and thrown into a large bag. Rarely do they get crushed by other bubble mailers.

Tiger24 may not be the best English speaker but his communication is very good and understandable. As quick as he seemed able he would answer my questions about how much more room I had in my package (or not). When he sent an incorrect tracking code, I informed him and received the correct one in a few hours. I'm not sure what German time I was actually emailing at, but the replies were very quick. The little extras were nice but they are nothing without good service. Both and more were found here. I heartily (gummily?) recommend Tiger and his MoreThanBricks.

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