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Set Review - AT-DP 30274

Catching up with January's promos and- wait what? There's February promos coming? Good Ole, will it ever end? Alright then, let's keep building up that queue.

As with many many sets before, this is one from an earlier Star Wars epoch that seems to be a prequel to a vehicle that we all know and love from the 1970's. In this case, it's a very forward heavy chicken walker, AKA, AT-ST. It seems that over time it was realized that the defensive capability of this device was laughable, hence the change from a Defense Pod to a Scout Transport. I didn't bother looking up the history on that one, you just know it's gotta be true. Kind of like how Listerine was originally marketed for dandruff control. It CAN, but it kills mouth germs a lot better.

The AT-DP was a freebie from January when you bought something like any Star Wars set. Or keychain. I think I bought a bunch of battle packs.

Compared to the source material, I only have a few complaints. Primarily, the round 2x2 tiles on the sides are supposed to have a slit where gunners can fire weaponry from.  The round bit on the outer edge of the hips should be flat. Perhaps the dish and the tile were inverted post-production? The only other major difference is the length of the legs. This mini model is a bit too short. Oh, and shouldn't the blaster be lower on the chin? But it is on one of the newer small ball and cup joints, so the posability is great. But whatever, it's only Rebels, not OT, right?

Not sure what happened on the back. A little unfinished?

The secondary market is decently hot but there might be a glut of these soon. I'm looking forward to reviewing the new series of Microfighters icon.

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