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Brickowl Seller Review - ALLEGORY

I had almost forgotten about the quote until years later I saw shirt with a Raptor and the words "Clever Girl". Now it's stuck in my head like a meme. As you may know, The LEGO Company is very protective of the use of their name in any product but their own. Even unintended uses like will raise their suspicions. While it's not a URL (that I know of) ALLEGORY plays the clever girl card with the use of the name inside another common word, using all caps nonetheless. Of course the caps make sense because the proprietor uses the letter tiles from the Business Card set to create his logo. A step too far, IMO, is further using extraneous characters and fonts on the shipping label as seen below. Yes, the point is still taken, but is your service good enough?

Feedback (at time of writing): 2248
Feedback Ratio: 100% positive
Location: USA, North Carolina
Prices: Higher than 6 month average.

My Order
Order Size: 305 pieces, 19 lots (freaking huge)
Condition: 100% New
Shipping Charge: USPS e- rates + $0.20
Extra Fees: none
Other: $4.95 minimum lot average
Final Cost per Part: $0.11

Order Date: Feb 26
Invoice Date: Feb 26 (Instant Checkout)
Payment Date: Feb 26
Shipping Date: Feb 27
Delivery Date: Mar 2

Order Details
Why this store: Needed a few more parts for a commission. Had most of them.
Packaging: All lots in their own baggie, packed extremely well into a larger baggie, then in a bubble mailer. I'm guessing seller was used to meeting RoyalPost dimensional limits when he lived in the UK.
Part condition: Very good
Communication: Very good
Feedback left: Positive
Odd telltale signs: Font style happy. :-)
Issues: None

The prices are a touch high and the shipping has only a base fee added but the service and communication are phenomenal. Phenomenal! Graham is very customer oriented and doesn't skimp. When I ordered and cleared out an entire lot, I got an extra part on one or two of those lots.

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