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Bricks Cascade 2015 Recap

This year marks my third LEGO convention ever. Every one feels different. The first year was an excited blurred rush. The second was compounded by a thumping dance competition in the hall next to us. This year felt like it came and went too soon.

I enjoyed this year very much. It was my first as a theme coordinator. The previous Microscale coordinator enjoyed what he did but was too busy and rarely at the con. I usually ended up hanging out in and keeping an eye on the area anyway. It seemed like a good fit to take it over. We had a great Micropolis display despite being down 2 amazing builders in that genre. Several other new folks made contributions and I can see us making a strong showing at the next con. If you'd like to contribute to the Bricks Cascade 2016 Micropolis layout, be advised that we will be focusing on (and I will be awarding a trophy specifically to) best bridge. Details are still being worked out but we will have at least a 16 stud wide section of river. Maybe even 32 wide. Don't forget the other modules as well.

Something new that we did this year was running some light rail train tracks through town. This enlivened the layout a bit but those of us that built them decided on a better system. Without prior discussion, we had built 6 wide modules which look good but throw things off. "Off" actually makes things look more real but some filler modules were needed. For 2016, we will be building our rail modules at 8 wide. There will be 1 stud each of gravel/rail/gravel/rail/gravel followed by the typical sidewalk and street widths. This should allow for better integration and no half streets.

Of course it's always fun to win! I took home sixteen 16x16 plates (Micropolis!) and two 48x48 baseplates as a door prize. I was given an Imperial Hotel as a thanks for being Micro theme coordinator. My family wants to build it and then this lovely assortment of pieces will become part of the Convention Center itself at 1:1000 scale. The public loved my 1:1000 scale downtown Portland but for the last couple of years many were trying to locate the show's venue. At 18 city blocks it's not small. I had intended to build it last year but failed.

Further, I also won Best Brick Built Superhero for my Dagfig Galactus vs. M.A.S.K. contribution to the Crisis on Infinite Baseplates collab. It came with a sweet little trophy and a rather large Ultra Agents set. Something about a huge semi being used as a head quarters.

You can see some video coverage of the event here. Thanks Boone! See a ton more photos here. Thanks Everyone!