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Bricklink Seller Review - Melissas New and Used Bricks

Buying has been very low lately. Mostly I'm getting to be able to pull from my own stuff, but I'm also having fewer incoming orders which means less money to but other people's stuff. I think it's the time of year. I HOPE it's the time of the year. My inventory has never been higher and I'm even running a 10-15% sale on most parts. But some sellers run their stores a bit differently.

Seller: Melissas New and Used Bricks
Feedback (at time of writing): 1217
Feedback Ratio: 98.9% positive (a few old negs and neutrals)
Location: USA, Washington
Prices: Around average

My Order
Order Size: 18 items, 12 lots
Condition: 89% Used
Shipping Charge: Exact over the counter postage. Actually goes to the PO.
Extra Fees: $1 for packaging, +$1 for rush orders
Other: $5 min buy
Final Cost per Part: $0.66

Order Date: Mar 28
Invoice Date: Apr 3
Payment Date: Apr 3
Shipping Date: Apr 3
Delivery Date: Apr 6

Order Details
Why this store: Mentioned in the forum that all inventory was 50% off. Clearing out inventory for a fresh start. Another buyer had beaten me there but left a few little pieces including a trans-blue Emporer Palpatine microfig for only $3.60!
Packaging: Duplo mostly stacked, 11 tiny parts in a big plastic Wal-mart shopping bag.
Part condition: Fine
Communication: Speeling erros.
Feedback left: None, not worth the negative, not worth the positive.
Odd telltale signs: Large Wal-mart bag for a handful of tiny parts, mediocre penmanship on the label (Wot, no printing?) Seller is quite concerned to note that her pieces do not get to see light.
Issues: *sigh* none, technically. I got one extra Duplo piece, another marketed as plain actually has a spider (printed) on it.

Don't bother. I can't help but wonder if the inefficiencies make this harder fort he seller than it needs to be. First, seller sent via priority instead of first class because the Duplo pieces were "bulky". Hmm. I loaded my order into an 8x10 envelope just fine and it weighed in under 7oz. Since the seller charges exact shipping (and goes to the PO) this charge should have been around $2.80 (plus I'll assume an extra $0.90 for buying a tracking number plus the assumed $2 for buying a bubble mailer at Wal-mart). Maybe it came out a wash. But having to buy a bubble mailer for every order and physically going to the post office do not give a store a competitive edge. The only thing that made it worthwhile was the 50% sale. Could definitely benefit from my upcoming book,"Insider's Secrets to Funding Your LEGO® Hobby". Pro-tip: Get a $40 printer and buy your bubble mailers in bulk.

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